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80's disco

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Created By Serdar Pekgöz
Intro:Giorgio Moroder - chase
c.c catch -cause your young
alphaville - big in japan
laura branigan - self control
saphir - shot in the night
brian ice - talking to night
bolero - i wish
nacht und nebel - ready to dance
fair control - symphony of love
modern talking - cheri lady
c.c. catch - strangers by night
Giorgio Moroder - chase

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Comentarios de este video
{{3}} ( 1 year ago por slim gm)
senti qua ( 1 year ago por fiorello strugari)
senti qua
{{3}} ( 1 year ago por Coutinho Rosa)
{{3}} ( 1 year ago por Giorgos Georgiou)
{{3}} ( 1 year ago por Rudolf Golda)
{{3}} ( 1 year ago por popi vazaiou)
80's will never ... ( 1 year ago por 91andreee)
80's will never come back... :( :( :(
ademsi. lindas,,,,, ( 1 year ago por francisco de assis Assis)
ademsi. lindas,,,,,
Nice  ( 8 months ago por Sorin Ionut Baicu)
please, disco ... ( 1 year ago por Mehdi alger)
please, disco lovers, i'm looking for a song that i heard on the radio,
these are some of the lyrics :
"These are the (things)
Think about the days
Bring to my eyes
Here with your friends
These are the things that make life worth living for
Gonna make it divine
Let’s all escape
Morning light
Let’s go out and play
Nothing stopping us
So take your time and go for more"
does somebody know wich hit is it??
NTISKO  ( 4 months ago por gisnnis mouz)
καλυτερα τραγουδια ( 9 months ago por παναγιωτης βουρλιωτης)
καλυτερα τραγουδια
Google+aracılığıyla ( 1 year ago por uğur kademcioğlu)
C.C.CATCH ( 8 months ago por Cavid Rzazade)
Wow!Perfect! ( 1 year ago por christina kirosi)
ايام بتايا الله ... ( 3 months ago por حياتي)
ايام بتايا الله يغفررلنا ويرحمنا
first is CC Catch - ... ( 11 months ago por CRISTINA Nichita)
first is CC Catch - Cause You Are Young
Who sang Symphony ... ( 9 months ago por Domine Wimbury)
Who sang Symphony of Love please? Thanks
SO BAD MIX AND WHY ... ( 1 year ago por Vinod Halpeth)
MUCH SOOO TO VERY ! ... ( 4 months ago por NELSON EIROA)
Όταν τα ρολόγια του ... ( 1 year ago por petridis nikos)
Όταν τα ρολόγια του χρόνου έγραφαν Κυριακή 31 Δεκεμβρίου 1989 και ώρα
23:59:59 έσβησαν τα πάντα για την καλύτερη δεκαετία της γενιάς όσων
γεννήθηκαν μετά το 65 και μέχρι το 72-73 και την πρόλαβαν καλά
I remember the 80's ... ( 3 days ago por Sonny Crockett)
I remember the 80's as if it were yesterday.
Sin duda alguna la ... ( 2 months ago por Carmen Espinosa Romero)
Sin duda alguna la mejor música es para mi la de los 80 y 90

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