Indios tainos


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Indios tainos

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Los indios tainos de Puerto Rico

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Comentarios de este video
Eran o son.....? ( 4 years ago por yabisiaru)
Eran o son.....?
los tainos eran muy ... ( 3 years ago por jorgeayalaize)
los tainos eran muy pero muy hemosos
Le dedico mi raza ... ( 5 years ago por SadieMorales13)
Le dedico mi raza Taina a Dios. Creo en el Padre Creador de todo lo
existente, en el Supremo Dios de los dioses. Los Tainos Creian en El
tambien. Le envio un BESO a todo los BORICUAS en todas las partes del
Planeta, en especial a los de Toa Alta Puerto Rico en el barrio Rio Lajas
Sector Jazmin. A Cholo y a Mindy. y a mi familia Morales. Bendiciones del
Estuvimos ... ( 5 years ago por eedrori)
Estuvimos escondidos mucho tiempo en las montanas,ocultandonos del invasor
pero ya es hora que salgamos a defender una identidad y cultura, y que
sepan que estamos vivos.yo Cajaguey doy fe de lo que estoy diciendo,lo que
se hereda no se roba,unamos nuestras fuerzas hermanos Tainos todos en union.
Angelxedge ... so ... ( 6 years ago por CK W)
Angelxedge ... so you can carry on the bloodline. The natives in the States
(like me) still hear it from our elders here ... marry within (tribes) and
continue on.
You are retarded ... ( 5 years ago por EmmaTheBartender)
You are retarded and stupid too... what is your identity??? Retarded
This is why there ... ( 5 years ago por Miguel Conesa Osuna)
This is why there is so much racial diversity in this island and people
with family names from many of the European countries who can go back and
connect with some of these families. Many had done it. The pure Taino race
was exterminated by the Spaniards.
there are several " ... ( 5 years ago por portacoelhi)
there are several "studies" done in the US that show "native" genes in many
MILLIONS of white people...not too many are going to adapt FAKE indian
identities, clothing, language or music. THAT kind of cultural prostitution
is done only by fake nativist whores who are just looking for a hand-out
for Uncle Sam. Very dishonest and very disrespectful of REAL Taino history
and culture. Funny how many of these Tainos are from the BRonx...typical
nuyorican morons.
what is wrong with ... ( 5 years ago por arrowakano)
what is wrong with u?look im proud of my7 european ancestry i have blond
hair and blue eyes and my two sons look like typical american "white"kids
but we cant deny this taino blood when i was a lil kid in the early 70s i
went to see my greatabuela in PR & i can still remember asking my dad what
language she was speaking he said taino mind you she was from baranquitas
up in the mountains she was dying & wanted to sweep the batey(most houses
in the mountains had 1)not long ago i was helping my kid
The Tainos did not ... ( 6 years ago por yvell)
The Tainos did not have surnames. There is a Taino words dictionary
available. Taiguey (Good Day)Daca I'naru Guanico Boriken (Come to the
Island of the Valiant and Noble Lord)
AFUEGO LOKO DND YO ... ( 6 years ago por caueto)
@sciarock Pues hay ... ( 4 years ago por anmiroji)
@sciarock Pues hay otras personas que dicen que tiene otro significado... y
son mas las personas que corroboran esa version que tu version.
@anmiroji no lo lei ... ( 4 years ago por jose marrero)
@anmiroji no lo lei simplemente que toda mi vida me a gustado aprender
sobre mi cultura y hace cuatro anos que vivo en puerto rico y e conoci par
de gente ya que me lo informaron hasta un descendiente que conoci
personalmente in utuado que me lo informo
@sciarock y donde ... ( 4 years ago por anmiroji)
@sciarock y donde leiste eso ?!
most indians left ... ( 3 years ago por Bibi Hekeleti)
most indians left in the US are not pure blood. yet they have rescued their
culture and the respect. , any "fractiion" taino gets no respect from
anyone. because they never got respect in teh first place. and many ignore
the fact that, in the mountains of PR, the mitochondrial DNA Haplogroup C
(taino) in the population was 70-80% of the civilians. That tells you that
what we have been told is not all true.
Quien es el hombre ... ( 5 years ago por SadieMorales13)
Quien es el hombre que puede criticar el origen de un pais.Todos somos de
una misma fuente "La raza humana". Todo comenzo` algunavez y cuando
comenzo` no habian comodidades que hoy dia hay. Que bonito es tener la
oportunidad de hacer de buen uso de estos canales. Hoy dia estamos sobre
informados con la tecnologia,adelantos medicos y cientificos. TENGAN CUENTA
de la informacion que ustedes decidan creer. Tambien exiciste mala
i would think they ... ( 6 years ago por jabori1)
i would think they would tell you so you can preserve your taino
traiditions if any or just keep your mestizo bloodline
granparents married with mestizo looking puerto ricans....all my family
look mestizo, indio or white...
Hay personas que no ... ( 5 years ago por SadieMorales13)
Hay personas que no conocen la historia de diferentes puntos de vistas y
quieren opinar,estabien la libertad de expresion,pero antes de opinar
informensen detalladamente 100% y si no tienen informacion suficiente que
tengan pruebas que lo confirmen pues no se metan en territorio desconocido.
Por ejemplo: Si yo no se` porque el planeta Pluton se fue` de orbita ,no
voy a dar una opinion tan seca y drastica y hacerla parecer que es como yo
diga,cuando yo ni cientifica soy.
the reality is that ... ( 5 years ago por portacoelhi)
the reality is that MORE Europeans came to settle in Puerto Rico than
Tainos EVER lived on the island. Where is the video about the European
immigrants to the Island? Oh, that's right, you're too busy painting Apache
war paint on your ass and pretending to be Hope Indians...what a pathetic
bunch of lies...sorry losers with fake taino cat is more
@sciarock no puedes ... ( 3 years ago por puertorricane)
@sciarock no puedes creer todo lo que te dicen solo porque te lo dicen..
tienes que leer estudiar y averiguar antes de hablar con autoridad.... de
veras que es la primera vez que oigo algo como lo que dices y voy a tratar
de averiguar si es verdad.. no soy experto en el idioma taino pero no ceo
que lo que dijistes sea verdad
The white women ... ( 5 years ago por Miguel Conesa Osuna)
The white women came later after the dirty worked have been completed. Many
European families from Spain, Italy, Germany, England, France and even
northern countries came to the island, many wealthy families and not so
wealthy in the look for opportunities to enhance their fortunes and others
to own a piece of land and become wealthy
if one drop of ... ( 5 years ago por SebastianQuinsella)
if one drop of taino makes your sons tainos,what do the other 99 drops do?
Your kids will go off eventually to live as they are...WHITE and they'll
just laugh at your shabby racist politics. There are lots of Americans &Canadians that are in some small part indigenous, but they are not going to
fake themselves out by pretending to be Disneyland Tainos...for God's sake
already...what next Heather Locklear dying her blonde hair black to be a
Lumbee Indian and wearning a loin cloth?
Gracias mrs. Perez ... ( 5 years ago por Miguel Velazquez)
Gracias mrs. Perez y co. Muy bonito!

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