Eric Barone in Cerro Negro Nicaragua


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Eric Barone in Cerro Negro Nicaragua

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Eric Barone in Cerro Negro Nicaragua. The New World Record down a Volcano on a mountain bike.

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Comentarios de este video
this guy's so ... ( 3 years ago por PaulLOVESChristoph)
this guy's so badass.. seriously
EPIC FAIL!!!! But ... ( 3 years ago por Rolando Balladares)
EPIC FAIL!!!! But he´s alive.
lol Awsome ( 4 years ago por Fexs007)
lol Awsome
Queeeee ... ( 2 years ago por Sangue Capoeira Abolição)
Queeeee pichaaaaazooooo maaaaae!
There's a thin line ... ( 2 years ago por baroh2413)
There's a thin line....
What people do for ... ( 2 years ago por MisakiLeasim)
What people do for fame... tsk, tsk
You crash at that ... ( 2 years ago por RMJ1984)
You crash at that speed, you die. simple as that.
THIS HAS SINCE BEEN ... ( 2 years ago por laken8588)
THIS HAS SINCE BEEN BROKEN BY markus stockl and eric was there to help him
do it and it was even eric who confirmed to markus that he beat his record
@ThePretzelHead ... ( 2 years ago por deutschland08fn)
@ThePretzelHead Unicycle...
Try that on a ... ( 2 years ago por ThePretzelHead)
Try that on a tricycle then you'll have something
That girl screaming ... ( 2 years ago por methengine)
That girl screaming at the end (around 2:37 or so), it's a stock sound
effect. I own the "sound FX" cd with that exact scream on it. Not saying
the video isn't legit, just an observation. "Ripleys" trying to spice it up
I guess - as if a guy speeding down a mountain at 107 mph on a bike isn't
exciting enough :)
That African music ... ( 1 year ago por Dizzy Mareado)
That African music was from sonic adventure mystic ruins lol but why they
gotta play that while he's flipping they trying to make it funny that guy
has balls
@esteli2007 ... ( 3 years ago por krazed0451)
@esteli2007 Crashing at 107mph wearing nothing but spandex and a helmet
that "escapes", fuck that! ;-)
Lo chistoso es que ... ( 2 years ago por Nayma Fonseca)
Lo chistoso es que es celebre en Nicaragua por lo que hizo y en Francia
nadie lo conoce.
That was awesome, ... ( 4 years ago por Utak Mannik)
That was awesome, do that again. Was it fun?
165 km/h downhill: ... ( 3 years ago por MrRoterBulle)
165 km/h downhill: Markus „Max“ Stöckl broke the speed record on downhill
bikes – and he did it with a MTB standard model! Now Max already plans the
next record attempts. You can find all details about his thrilling
challenge in the new Red Bull mag „Red Bulletin“. It’s sold at the kiosks
beginning Tuesday, June 7th. For more information just google “The Red
Bulletin 2011”.
no manchen como que ... ( 2 years ago por josep cisneros quintasi)
no manchen como que no lo conocen en su pais joder que chiste tiene
entonces haberse matado de esa manera ahhh!
EPIC FAIL!!!! But ... ( 3 years ago por Rolando Balladares)
EPIC FAIL!!!! But he´s alive. by the way I live in Nicaragua, in Leon to be
exact, the nearest city to Cerro Negro. Its just an awesome volcano.
You simply do not ... ( 1 year ago por Enache Andrei)
You simply do not put such a small suspension on a mountain bike, nor a
flimsy frame ! The test run bike was much better.
Eric Barone in 2002 ... ( 2 months ago por Suchitoto Tours)
Eric Barone in 2002, awful crash at 107m/h
he's my cousin ( 3 months ago por DADofficialmusic)
he's my cousin
His balls were too ... ( 1 month ago por IngeniousFirefly)
His balls were too big for that bike
Keep your elbows up ... ( 3 months ago por Tweekerhead)
Keep your elbows up high Eric!!

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